Germany 2006 - 2 euro ADFGJ Schleswig-Holstein UNC
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     2 euro commemorative

    Germany 2006 ADFGJ: Schleswig-Holstein

    The Holstentor, the gate symbolising of the town of Lübeck, is shown in the centre of the coin and below it the word ‘Schleswig-Holstein’, the first of Germany’s 16 federal states to be commemorated in a euro coin.

    The engraver’s initials ‘HH’ appear to the right of the image and the mintmark ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘F’, ‘G’ or ‘J’, depending on the mint, to the left. The year of mintage, 2006, the 12 stars of the European Union and the words ‘Bundesrepublik Deutschland’ are shown in the outer ring.

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